Fun wedding this weekend!!

I traveled to East TN this weekend for a wedding and the best part was I got to see my family for a couple of days. The hat I ordered didn’t come in time but my mom had the perfect hat to save the day!! Peaches didn’t get to come with me but she had a fun weekend here with her friends. She’s worn out tonight so she’s sleeping well. I think she’s glad I’m back. I’m glad to be back here with her too! 🙂



Operation Organization 2015

I took time off work in Jan to get organized so I ended up throwing away a ton of stuff, getting rid of a desk, computer, and treadmill and getting a new desk and bookshelf so I can actually find everything in my spare room. I decided I needed a rug in there now that I can actually see the floor and I found this one online at’s perfect!! Peaches loves running around and rubbing her head all over it too! It’s so nice having space in there and feeling so organized!! Let’s hope I can keep it that way!! 🙂 

Trapped Like Mice…Rats!

Yes..everything makes me quote The Wizard of Oz. So Peaches and I are still trapped in the house..the sun is out but the temps are too low for all this ice to melt away. More snow is coming tomorrow too…and below zero temps tomorrow night. This TN girl is gonna freeze!!

This is how we feel…trapped!!IMG_9804

And Peaches refuses to wear her coat..

The boxwood bushes are frozen..but they make pretty pictures 🙂

Another warm day

Peaches and I were excited to have another warm February day to go to the greenway. We saw ducks chasing each other in the pond and a beaver swimming around..even a tree the beaver chewed down to make his dam. A big hawk flew over but we couldn’t see where it went..a little scary for Peaches though! She’s worn out from all the walking this weekend so she’ll sleep well tonight for sure 🙂