Don’t Tell The Bumblebee! 🐝

Shusshh….Don’t tell the  🐝 bumble bee…but did you know scientists have proven it is aerodynamically impossible for the bumble bee  🐝 to fly????
It’s body is too heavy and its wings are too light! But because with God all things are possible and the fact bees can’t read and no one has ever told the bee… just flies…
What has someone told you that you can’t do? That you are too late? Too old? Too young? Not smart enough? Not good at?
Take wings and take FLIGHT my friend, go after what you want in Life! DREAM BIG- you can do what you set your mind out to do! And you CAN fly if you TRY.  


My PERSONAL Lash Boost Results

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TODAY IS THE DAY….Rodan + Fields launches their latest and greatest skincare product!!!

TODAY IS THE DAY….the #1 premium skincare brand in North America launches their latest and greatest skincare product!!!

💦Our new HYDRATION SERUM is here!!💦

It will make your skin LOOK and ACT younger! It instantly boosts hydration up to 200%, draws in moisture from the atmosphere, and locks it in for CONTINUOUS hydration! The BEST part is – it compliments any skincare you currently use. It’s also featured in several beauty magazines!